Tuesday, January 6, 2009

well there are some updated pictures, sorry its been so long. things have been kinda crazy around here lately. Christmas was wonderful! colton loved tearing the paper apart but then of course he wanted to eat it. He loved all his gifts! thank you everyone. I think his favorite gift was MY keyboard, but ohhh well. We went and got him his own little keyboard that he loves (thanks grandma) or course its not as cool as moms. :)
New years was good, we went and hung out at the church and had some food. It was nice getting to fellowship with everyone on the last night of 2008. Colton is getting bigger and bigger every day. He is almost crawling and he is sitting up all by himself. He loves to bang on his toys and pull mommys' hair.

Friday, December 5, 2008

pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

sorry its been so long since i have updated anything on there, things have been kinda busy lately. Colton is doing good; getting bigger and bigger every day. He has started really laughing now. He is such a wonderfuly happy baby.
Colton hanging out with Mr. Chomp
Drive from Big Sur

Pretty view

Big Sure River Inn

Another pretty view

Naked boy

Happy Birthday Jake

Holding his sippy cup all by his self

sleeping at the beach

big wave

beautiful sunset

and another

and another

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Colton Playing Guitar

Some New Pictures and Update

Sorry its been so long since we have updated, things have been pretty busy around here. At Coltons last doctor appt he was 25 inches and 15 pounds. He is such a happy boy and smiles so much. He slept through the night on Friday (10-24-08) for the first time!!! that was wonderful! He is learning more each and everyday! We are so glad that God blessed us with such a wonderful little boy.

here are some picutres from going to visit and NC and just some new ones.

angie and colton

Jay and colton

Janet and colton

Kavita and Colton

The proud aunts

Grandmom and colton

Wide eyed

Nona and colton

Meghan and colton

Grand-dad and colton

colton taking a bath in the sink

colton playing guitar

Grandpa, Dixie, and Colton

little man hanging out

yummy cake

erin and colton

cortney, kayla and colton

Grandma and Colton

the Hall sisters

Cortney and I

Colton and his new favorite toy

Colton and mommy

Happy boy

smile time

he wanted laugh so bad!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saying Goodbye

We have had to say goodbye to two of our neighbors in these last few weeks. Its sad that they were here to celebrate the birth of our little guy and have been around these last few months and now they are gone...and they might not see colton again until he's 'playing baseball' as jake says. The military introduces you to a lot of wonderful people, but only for a brief time. They were not just neighbors to us. They were our family and our support being so far away from Georgia or North Carolina. They made this housing feel like a home, our home. We used to look across the street and see Brady grilling and Rouger bounding over the fence. We used to be getting in the car to go to church and see BJ and Natalie as they waved to us and smiled so friendly. And now they are gone. We will miss them very much and so will colton. But we pray then one day out paths will cross again.

Brittany holding Colton

Brady, Brittany, and Colton


the Rounds and the Alexanders

Natalie and Colton