Tuesday, January 6, 2009

well there are some updated pictures, sorry its been so long. things have been kinda crazy around here lately. Christmas was wonderful! colton loved tearing the paper apart but then of course he wanted to eat it. He loved all his gifts! thank you everyone. I think his favorite gift was MY keyboard, but ohhh well. We went and got him his own little keyboard that he loves (thanks grandma) or course its not as cool as moms. :)
New years was good, we went and hung out at the church and had some food. It was nice getting to fellowship with everyone on the last night of 2008. Colton is getting bigger and bigger every day. He is almost crawling and he is sitting up all by himself. He loves to bang on his toys and pull mommys' hair.


nikki marie said...

OMG ALEX! he's getting so big! i can't believe how adorable he is! =)

thetaylors said...

I can't believe how much Colton has grown since I saw him last! What a handsome little dude! When are you all finished there? I'm sad that we aren't around for all of his growing!